Online Training vs Personal Training

It’s certainly not hard to find a personal trainer and get an exercise plan, the hard part is staying committed and exercising consistently – which is when you truly see results. This is one of the main reasons why so many people are switching to exercising with the guidance of an online trainer; it’s easy to schedule and follow, affordable, informative, and can be completed right in your living room.

So what is so different about having an online trainer than a personal trainer?

With most personal trainers, you are only able to gain guidance and motivation when you are with them at the gym. With an online trainer, clients receive constant guidance, feedback, and motivation – which will help with staying consistent each day of the week. My clients receive a 12-week training program which includes video instructions, ongoing messaging, bi-weekly check-ins and progress tracking to keep you motivated. Many of my clients are stay at home parents or busy professionals that only have time for 5-20 minute workouts, which works perfectly with my programs. Since the sessions aren’t done in person, you can create a weekly schedule that works best for you and complete your workouts during any time of the day. The ease-of-access really comes from receiving workouts, video directions, and guidance straight to your phone or tablet (app) and computer (website) – so workouts can be done at home or on the fly.

You can also save a lot of money by switching to an online trainer.

Personal trainers can range from $50-150 per hour (I charge $80/hour), so if you’re seeing a local trainer every week that can really dig into the vacation savings. My online training programs tend to cost less per month than one or two hour-long in-person sessions. Working out at home you’ll also save money on a gym membership which can range from $40-100 per month. I’ve also had several of my clients mention that saving 1-2 hours every day by not having to travel to and from the gym was what really got them hooked on the program.

How do you check form and prevent injury if you’re not there?

That’s a great question. Unlike a lot of generic online training out there today, I meet face to face with you by Skype or Facetime bi-weekly. I have you run through exercises and give real-time feedback. The exceptional form cueing in the videos: the right time, the right place, the right reminder will get and keep you out of pain and achieving quick progress in no time. The results are essentially the same as if I was standing and cueing next to you. I know, even I was surprised at first, but here is what others are saying:

I would rather use Dawn online because of her focus on form and overall knowledge than a local trainer in town.” – Sarah, Cape Cod

When choosing an online trainer, you want to make sure you research their credibility and certifications. With so many “online trainers” out there, you don’t want to risk getting injured by choosing a trainer with no experience. You can see my credentials on my About Me page. I’m very passionate about providing instructions for proper form to remove the risk of injury in all of my exercises. In your first month, you will learn the most effective exercises to activate your core and maximize your results in as little time as possible. You will also learn all the worst exercises and mistakes that are causing you to injure yourself time and time again.

Will I stay motivated to complete my exercises? 

I keep you accountable with the daily check-ins and messaging support provided in my programs, so you’ll receive even more ongoing accountability and motivation than you would gain from a 1-on-1 in person weekly session. And again, for less money! All of my monthly programs include the bi-weekly check-ins, as well as nutrition guidance to keep you on track with your health goals. My more advanced programs include assessments, customized workouts, personalized videos and additional one-on-one coaching and messaging to maximize your results.

Are the results really as good as what you would get from a real-life trainer?

My results have been! I’ve put 20+ years of fitness experience into developing my training programs, so you can rest assured you are in good hands. With the flexibility, ease-of-access, and support you receive from myself and The Right Fit Fitness community, we’ll also keep you on track to achieve your fitness goals. I challenge you to give a month a try – I’m confident you’ll love your results!