Like it or not, it is 2017. It’s time to get with the times. And the times are online.

You no longer need to leave the comfort of your own home to get things done. Shopping, banking, counselling, nutrition advice, life coaching. Everything short of a haircut. Heck, now Amazon Prime Wardrobe lets you try on and return clothes for free never having stepped foot in a store.

It’s all about convenience in a busy world.

So Why did I start Online Training?

A few years ago I read the 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris. It got me thinking of alternative ways to view my business and shape my work day.  Around the same time, I also read Rachel Macy Stafford’s Hands Free Mama and was inspired to spend more focused quality time with my spouse and children.

I have been personal training for over 20 years and I am acutely aware of the high level of burnout within the Fitness industry. Although it is incredibly rewarding to witness transformational results and help people crush their goals, it can also be hard to constantly be everyone else’s energy and to maintain the cheerleader attitude for hours on end and not overextend yourself.

The reality of 1-on-1 personal training is that you can only work so many hours in a day and that is how much money you will make. It’s exhausting and you will always have a limit no matter how hard you work. I have never been one to work enormous hours in a day because I know at the end of a long string of back-to-back bookings, my clients aren’t getting the best of me. So, I was looking for a way to be able to be more efficient with the hours in a day and yet still be able to connect with everyone interested in working with me as well as have quality time with my family and do the things that make me happy in life.

Now, with Online Training my outreach is bigger (clients in multiple countries) and I am also able to give focused, individual attention more often to each client (multiple check-ins per week via messaging, FaceTime or Skype instead of only connecting during a one hour session once a week).

Let’s face it, online training is new to everyone: to trainers  and to clients, but what I do know is that My clients love it.

They love the Flexibility.

They love Less Guilt for cancelling appointments.

They love to Go at their own Pace with easy access to me.

They love the Real-time Feedback by Skype or FaceTime.

They love the Quick Support messages along the way for Motivation and Accountability.

Easy to fit in, short daily workouts. No equipment involved. Workouts they can do anywhere anytime: at home, inside, outside, or on holiday.

But be warned: You have to lose the notion of what you think Online Personal Training is.  It cannot be exactly the same as 1-to-1 training, but with the real-time feedback that I give watching you over Skype or FaceTime it is almost the same as having me right by your side and the results I have gotten speak for themselves.

I would rather use Dawn online because of her focus on form and overall knowledge than a local trainer in town.” – Sarah, Cape Cod

My clients love my cueing,  they love my videos and they love my feedback…And it’s all on their schedule.

For a busy person with aspirations of a healthier and stronger body, it’s a dream solution.

Stop thinking and just do it.

It’s time to Take Back Your Body.



Written by Dawn Joseph
Dawn Joseph is an Online Personal Trainer who focuses on form and function! She loves to travel and kite board. Train with her online or ask her a question here.