Dawn’s Awesome Online Programs

The Online Programs that I offer involve a 7 minute a day commitment (or more depending on the level you aspire to). They offer well-cued motivating videos and provide REAL TIME FEEDBACK during our bi-weekly Facetime/Skype check-ins, so you can make sure you are always doing your exercises RIGHT!

Since life is always changing including your goals, time available and your fitness level, there are multiple programs to meet you where you are at.

The Fitness Transformation Challenge is there to help you gain consistency. You get 4 to 5 bodyweight workouts every week that cover everything from core, to toning to high intensity programs- all while focussing on proper core engagement and awesome form. There are 10 levels to keep you motivated and always progressing forward.

The Core Transformation Challenge was designed to complement people who are already active or training for other sports, who struggle with core strength and pelvic floor weakness or who often experience pain and injuries. It focusses on the inherently weak areas (the core and the glutes) without fatiguing the entire body, so that you are strong in the right places, yet have energy left over to do the sports that make you happy.

The Personal Performance Plan  is more like 1-on-1 personalized sessions that involve an initial assessment and tailored programs specific to you. It is perfect for individuals who are struggling with injuries or who have specific needs and goals.

Finally, the Ultimate Performance Plan is for those looking to take their health and fitness to the next level without doing all the thinking. It includes all the goods of the other programs as well as additional Lifestyle Coaching, Nutrition guides and more frequent check-ins.

These programs take the decision making out of what workout to do. They are scheduled and I see everything you log, keeping you accountable, motivated and constantly progressing forward.  We also check in regularly Face-to-Face, so no more falling off the wagon!

“I would rather use Dawn online because of her focus on form and overall knowledge than a local trainer in town.” – Sarah, Cape Cod