Let’s chat about the  12-Week BODY RESET CHALLENGE starting September 10.

I am super pumped to do this.  (Yes, I am ‘in’ too!)

I wanted to explain a little of why I am doing this challenge, what is expected if you join and how you can set yourself up for success.

…So, about 10 years ago, in my late 20s (ha ha), a girlfriend and I decided that we should do a cleanse.  This particular program cut out the ‘Big 5’- sugar, wheat, dairy, alcohol and caffeine as well as involved herbal supplements.

At the time, there was little direction for meal planning and for almost 2 weeks we survived primarily on lettuce, tuna and almonds (and a handful of other bland foods).

It was awful.

We focussed on what we couldn’t have and had no idea what to do with the foods we could have (expect eat them in their purest form).

We persisted despite the miserableness of it all.

Surprisingly, after about 10 days I had more energy than I had ever had. I felt incredibly alert, alive, clear minded, energetic and focussed.

My body felt amazing from the inside out. It felt strong, moved well and it cruised through workouts with bonus vitality.

After 2 weeks of NO cheating, we reintroduced foods back in to our diets and it was amazing how clearly our bodies responded to the foods. I was looking so forward to finally enjoying a chocolate chip cookie at the end of it, but when I did, it really didn’t taste that great. In fact, I had lost my appetite for sugar (something I never fathomed I could do). Certain foods also elicited some negative symptoms, including congestion and exhaustion. I was shocked.

So all in all, I wouldn’t recommend doing what I did, but here is what I learned:

– There are definitely foods that don’t react well in certain bodies – everyone is different! And for that reason there is no miracle ‘diet’ that works for everyone.

– It forced me to try some new foods and discover amazing alternatives that I would never have thought of before.

-I ended up eating less food overall- which made it cheaper and more streamlined (some organic foods may be more expensive, but it’s amazing how much extra we spend on processed ‘extra’ foods that we really don’t need)

– I lost unnecessary weight (like the bloated feeling around my belly).

– I had energy and a ‘lightness’ to me that I haven’t been able to reproduce any other way.

So, I wanted to design a Challenge that reproduced those positive results as well as add a physical component to round it out, especially after coming off the summer holiday debauchery.



  • RESET your eating, fitness and headspace to create change in a positive direction.
  • DISCOVER which foods react well in your body, capitalize on them and cut down on those that don’t.
  • GIVE you a yummy meal plan with tools (grocery lists, etc.) to make this experience easy and enjoyable as possible.
  • HELP you create daily fitness habits that lead to better mobility and a functional core.
  • CREATE a working plan that includes quick and easy meals that are healthy, family friendly and motivating to maintain. Consistency is the key!

The Body Reset Challenge is realistic for busy people and family life and meets you at your starting point, whether it be already fit and health conscious or just starting out.

Half- ass participation will result in half-ass results, which is not the point.
***Please be honest with yourself as to what you can do. This Challenge is only for those with the time to prioritize this and the mindset to fully commit.

In this program, you receive regular 1-1 real-time Check-Ins with me, ongoing support, 7-minute a day video workouts, meal templates, nutritional guidance and an awesome private community!  Register before September 3 and save almost 30%!
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Written by Dawn Joseph
Dawn Joseph is an Online Personal Trainer who focuses on form and function! She loves to travel and kite board. Train with her online or ask her a question here.