These no-bake energy balls are one of my favourite on-the-go snacks. Quick, easy and everyone loves them! They store well in the freezer, so go ahead and make lots!  This recipe was given to me by my Super-Mom friend, Shawna. She is amazing at finding fun and simple solutions to healthy eating.


1 cup pecans

1 cup of almonds

3 cups MEDJOOL dates

2 TBSP carob powder

2 TBSP cocoa



1.       Soak the dates in hot water. Drain, but save the date water in the event more moisture is needed later.

2.       In a food processor, process the nuts and dry ingredients, then add the dates.  If a bit of moisture is needed, use the saved date soak water.

3.       Scoop out with a spoon and form balls in your hands or use a mini ice-cream scooper.

4.       Roll them in unsweetened coconut, cocoa or cinnamon. Or try rolling them in all 3 together!



Time Saver: If you don’t feel like rolling them, you can flatten them into a pan to make bars, freeze for 20 minutes minimum, cut into bars. Keep them in your freezer.

You can use whatever variation of nuts you want. Stick to only one type if it is easier.

You can also make non chocolate ones with a bit of fresh lemon juice and a bit of grated lemon rind or oranges. Once you get the base down you can really play around with them.  I would love to hear about what type of variations you make!



Written by Dawn Joseph
Dawn Joseph is an Online Personal Trainer who focuses on form and function! She loves to travel and kite board. Train with her online or ask her a question here.