In January of this year, MasterCard published a press release to ‘Make 2018 Your Year of Action: Start Something Priceless’.  Their message was simple, ‘you have the power to do something meaningful, make something special happen in your lives and our world.’ The goal was to inspire us to take a first step in pursuit of our chosen passion or purpose, and turn small moments into amazing memories.  Basically, to use your own power to fuel change.

I love that concept.

Own Your Power To Fuel Change.

What that is saying is, it’s up to you. Your life and your future are up to you.

The power to change is already there, so stop looking and stop seeking other’s opinions.

Ditch your limiting mind-set that destroys your self-confidence and keeps you from moving forward.

Stop bending to the guilt and the judgement of the world.

Listen to your instincts.

As Rachel Hollis says, “This is your life. You are meant to be the hero of your own story”.

Yeah, you are!

Are you ready?





Written by Dawn Joseph
Dawn Joseph is an Online Personal Trainer who focuses on form and function! She loves to travel and kite board. Train with her online or ask her a question here.