Dawn is awesome. I have always enjoyed being active, however, as I was growing older, I was becoming more injury prone. Dawn fixed all that. She helped me strengthen my old injured areas, and then built up my core strength to the point that now I’m able to be extremely active and not worry about getting injured no matter how hard I am on my body. Thanks again Dawn.”

— Wilson Edgar, Senior Sales Executive, Outdoor Enthusiast

Dawn is a fantastic personal trainer. On-time, patient, organized and her workouts are very effective. I would highly recommend Dawn to anyone who is pursuing their goal of getting fit!”

— Binh Nguyen, B. Eng, MBA

Dawn is an exceptional trainer. Her deep understanding of how our body functions, how to prevent injuries or pains and how to strengthen and balance our body through very specific exercise put my body in a place I haven’t been since having my second child. I am amazed at the speed I have managed to heal my lower back/hip pain and improve my posture, running and weight loss. I feel healthier, more balanced and happier than ever!”

— Milena Novotny, Super Mom and Household CEO  

I trained with Dawn while I was pregnant and have never hit the ski slopes in better shape. I resumed training with Dawn when my baby was 6 months old and it was exactly what I needed to whip my body back into shape. Dawn is an amazing teacher. I have never taken classes that are so seamlessly run, challenging AND fun! She really knows her stuff and is always mixing it up to keep things interesting. ”

— Kirsten McFarlane, Creative Director&Graffic Designer, Nimble Creative

First I was a client of Dawn’s. Her attention to form is impeccable and her workouts are fantastic. She is also a great motivator and role model for physical activity. So impressed was I with the caliber Dawn’s training, that she is my preferred referral for my clients.”

— Kristen Yarker, MSc, RD, Owner KristenYarker.com

I would rather use Dawn online because of her focus on form and overall knowledge than a local trainer in town.”

— Sarah Montgomery, Cardiac Acute Care Nurse Practicioner, Cape Cod, USA